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Feelings Wrap-Up for 2022

Feelings Wrap-Up for 2022

I am putting into words how I often feel and the thoughts I have.


Am I being misunderstood?

What am I projecting?


I want world peace and world love.

Am I doing and being love and loving in all areas of my life, including with myself?


I desire affection, intimacy, and connection.

And I will wait until I feel the alignment in my heart.


Sometimes I think I make mistakes on my path, and then I remember that I’m here to ensure I don’t leave any stone unturned. So I double and triple retrace my steps to ensure I learned the lesson or gave all I could to that land I walked.


When people dislike me, push me away, send anger spears or tell me that I’m not the kind person I feel I am, I let them have their truth and reflect.


Am I not who I think I am?

I ask myself this often.


I speak my truth, always. If I need to clean something up, I will. I am learning as I go.  

Sometimes I feel lonely, and then I remember all the things and experiences I am grateful for and know I am never alone.


I may still proclaim myself as a victim, and I am also open to understand that I designed my life this way. I am still learning about what it means to be compassionate with myself.


I feel strong, and there is always room for improvement.


I am healthy, and there are always areas where I can be healthier.


Who I am being is the journey. How I feel in every moment is the teaching.


I am being so that we know we can be.


I share so that I know this life is real and true in its existence.


I love because it feels better.

I overthink things because I don’t want to suffer, yet sometimes that’s when I feel the worst.


I question myself because I want to be sure I’ve spread love, not hate, and am not deluding myself.


When someone dies, I know in truth they are still with us and do I feel left behind? Or do I have something to prove by staying on Earth?


Choosing a human existence; why? Why did I choose to be here?


I want to be the best version of myself and strive for that daily. I will ask questions to be responsible. Like, what have I done to contribute to this situation that rinses and repeats like a spin cycle?


I understand everyone has free will, and so do I. I have the free will to learn, improve, be, just be, or strive. I have free will to overthink, to speak my truth, to be silent, to love, not to love, to hug or not hug, to leave, to travel, to turn my back, to cry, to feel hurt, to be happy, to be angry, to say no, to say yes, not to respond, to leave Earth, to stay in my body, to heal, to pray, to meditate, to rinse and repeat…


I am love, even when it appears to you that I am not. My Spirit and soul only know this, and my body is catching up. My actions may say, “tag, you’re it.” Still, my choice.


I feel I've made mistakes, and I may make more, yet if we genuinely tune into why we’re here, nothing is a mistake. It is all that is supposed to be.


I have over-shared with people who did not and do not have my best interest at heart. Oh, what a big sword they wield when they think they have something over me. Love will bring forth the truth, always.


I’ve experienced trauma, the big and small. Or, perhaps, it is what I set up to learn about myself and my strength.


I’ve lived in fear, concern, uncertainty, and these feelings all suck and suck the joy out of me. I am aware that when I feel these feelings, it’s okay for me to acknowledge them and jump ship as quickly as possible. Even if I can’t swim the rough waters below, I will do my best to stay afloat until I scream for help and it arrives.


I am not too proud to ask for help when I need it. The question is, who has an aligned heart and can and wants to help me authentically?


Too many times, I’ve let people take from me. I pay for services as a student, yet I see they are receiving more value than I am, and I become the teacher who is also “paying” for the lesson.


What is up with that?


Again, I reflect. I learn. Whether I am the teacher or the student, I am always learning.


I want more joy. I need to play. Now. Stat. I seek true intentions. Expose your hidden agendas.


My body is sacred. I am a gift. When I share myself or allow you into my life, handle with care as you may like to be received. I’ve let people have this gift they were not ready for or deserving to receive.
Have you ever experienced or seen a kid who receives a gift they’ve been praying for and are so thankful and enjoy their gift by taking precious care of it until it is used up lovingly, with admiration, and appreciation? Yeah, many receivers of my gift were not that. Thankfully, before I allowed myself to be tossed carelessly to the side by the individual who always seeks the better and next great gift, I would exit and grieve how I allowed myself to partake in such a difficult lesson. This is part of life's journey.


The truth is I’ve received gifts and in the past have misused them. I receive gifts today and am making better choices about how I “pay it forward.”


I am me. Lisa Eve is my real name. There’s only one of me, even if there are other “Lisa Eve’s” who copy logos or posts.
Please ensure you are doing business on my websites, and not in DM's. Unless I have shops connected to my social accounts, please only pay through these sites:
LisaEveInspires.com, or Ruby8Weaver.com. (LisaEve.com will receive a makeover, so there is less confusion about where to purchase a session.) Please make sure you’re on the correct website. If you experience check-out issues, send me a message and we will find another way for you to submit payment. 


I seek to be authentic in everything I do and don’t always get it right. So tell me (with kindness) when I act with folly.


I apologize to all the people I've hurt in my life when it seems it was intentional and when I didn’t intend to hurt you, and you felt that anyway.


The life of a human doesn’t feel easy, yet I know that there is more to all of this, and I intend to live a life of joy, even if it is just a quick blip in the timeline.

2022. Done.

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