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Pits for Healing

When was the last time you smelled yourself? When you stink, it's your body letting you know there are toxins within. What have you been eating? Are you drinking alcohol and have gone past your limit? What thoughts could your body be repelling? Stress and other factors could be signifying that your body needs to detox, and fast! The fouler the smell, the stronger the alert.

Armpits are a gateway for you to self-heal. Acknowledge the signs, and the smells!
Instead of covering your pits with toxic deodorants, use natural organic pastes (that also smell good) if you have to be around people and feel self-conscious.

I like these healthy alternatives to standard deodorants.
The links below are Affiliate links, and purchasing may earn me a small commission.

Primal Pit Paste:
Deodorants Sticks without Baking Soda
Deodorants Sticks with Baking Soda:

[Featured Image reads: If your body smells, and you have “B.O.” without wearing deodorant, it’s your body telling you that you have toxins within.
This is your body’s signal to get you to eat better and healthier foods, or to have positive thoughts, and release stress.
Covering up the smell is OK, as long as you do something about it, to help your body so that you can stop wearing deodorant. Your armpits are passageways for healing.]

As always, I care for you,
Lisa Eve ❤️
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