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Ready to heal through travel? It's the way of the inner world, and much can be learned about oneself by expanding awareness in new cities, and with new people and cultures!

Lisa Eve loves to travel, and that is not a secret! 
Live light, as in; I love to live, be light, and travel. 

As Lisa Eve is a Luxury Travel Advisor, and owner of Live Light & Travel™, soon to come are Healing Retreats!

Are you interested?
These trips will bathe you in luxury; luxury accommodations, private tours, spa treatments, and more! 

*There may be one or two trips a year that will have a less luxurious feel, and your soul will still receive the richness it seeks. 

And a bonus, Lisa Eve will be doing in-person healings for each participant! Retreats will be an exclusive opportunity to receive in-person healing, and sessions will last up to 30 minutes!

So, what else can you expect during a Live Light & Travel™ Retreat?

  • To connect with like-hearted souls
  • Explore new places while balancing rest and play
  • Expand your self-care routine
  • Clear and re-align to your wisdom
  • Learn and understand the value of your intuition
  • Small Group Journeys (best for empaths sensitive to the energy of others)

Interested in a Healing Retreat?

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