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Lisa Eve inspires you to love yourself, love your life, and express it with the world. 
On the Spiritual path since 2004, Lisa Eve is qualified as a Life Coach, Angel & Oracle Card Reader, Intuitive, Medium, and Spiritual Healer. She is author of The Love Channel: Finding Your Way to Happiness, available here.
A true Entrepreneur in heart, she created The Happy Channel in 2012 which was a website for all-things happy and contained uplifting videos, music, articles, photos, and quotes. Today, you can find free happy resources such as Articles, Quotes, and Journal Prompts.
In 2016 she started a travel blog, Live Light & Travel. As a lover of travel and writing, it seemed like the perfect fit. Additionally, to encourage others to travel, she became a Luxury Travel Advisor.
Her latest endeavor is, a premium product shop filled with sacred geometry designs on expertly crafted goods. 

On this site, you can access her Healing Services, Uplifting articles, and shop!

Have fun!


Lisa Eve Inspires sitting at a desk smiling while working

A Personal Note from Lisa Eve

Hi! Welcome, and thanks so much for joining me here! I trust you'll find this site of value and find services and products that fit where you are on your path now. In truth, I wrote all the copy on this website, so all the places where I speak of myself in the third person, yup, I wrote that! LOL!
I may come across as stern and direct in much of the description of services, and that's only because I want you to have all the information in as clear a manner as possible. Also, if you've ever had a reading with me, you know I can be that way, too! I like to get to the heart of the matter quickly. 
Anyway, this site is intended to provide as many healing options as I could offer at this time. More to come, I'm sure! Enjoy, and I wish you all the best in all your endeavors!