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Aires Tech

Aires Tech is a company that sells products that neutralizes the physiological impact of radiation. Since we live in a digital society (primarily), if you didn't know, products we use daily and those cell towers emit radiation. I personally wear the Lifetune GO, as you can see in the photo. It has a hole so you can thread a chain through it and wear it as a necklace. It goes great with most outfits, and people always ask me what it is!

I also have the Lifetune ONE on the back of my cell phone case, and I have the Lifetune Zone Max in my home. 

Lisa Eve wearing Aires Tech products

How It Works:

• The microprocessor modulates chaotic EMR, transforming the waves and creating a coherent EMF similar to our biological radiation

• It does not block the radiation but restructures it to neutralize any physiological impact

• Any EMR waves that pass through the effective range mimic the modulated EMF created by the product

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Anatomie clothes are my favorite for travel! They are stylish, wrinkle-free, pack easy, and dry quickly after washing. I was introduced to the Skyler pant in 2015 by a review on Travel Fashion Girl's website as I searched for travel pants for tall women; I'm 5'10".
One purchase and I was all-in!
This athleisure lifestyle brand has been my go-to for all seasons, and not just while traveling! Business trips, hiking, and exploring, and the Skyler's are primarily the only pant I wear on the plane. For winter weather, they have a fleece-lined option too! They don't stop at pants; they sell dresses, outerwear, tops (I'm wearing an Anatomie® t-shirt in the photo above, and the "Dot Saira Button-Down with Tie Front" below) and more!

Receive $75 off your first order with this LINK.

Lisa Eve wearing Anatomie top and Aires Tech necklace